Welcome to these unique thoughts for today recorded by the Reverend Frank Cooke. There are 365 very short talks - one inspirational message for each day of the year. Click on the name of the month you want and then choose the date. Each talk will play automatically as an audio file for you to enjoy.

Frank Cooke was a popular broadcaster and writer, dedicated to making the Bible accessible to ordinary people. He was the much-loved presenter on the weekly 'God slot' show on London's Capital Radio, and a regular contributor on BBC Radio 4, Transworld Radio, and many other stations.

Frank left school without any qualifications and one of his early jobs was cleaning the floors of the London Stock Exchange while he developed his career as a jazz clarinettist. Soon after becoming a believing Christian he was called up for Army service with the Royal Army Medical Corps and he served in Europe and India, being known throughout only for his clarinet and football skills.

By the age of 23, Frank had never read a book. So the shock of being accepted as a student at the University of Manchester was matched only by seeing his first 'required reading' book list. He persevered and became interested in helping others to whom reading is a 'closed book'.

Later on, Frank studied for a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He became a Baptist Minister and for fourteen years he was the Chaplain of Spurgeon's College in London. He became a member of the Baptist Council and was elected President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 1983. Frank Cooke died in 2007, but he lives on as a source of inspiration through these recordings.